Writing caterpillars into butterflies

The title reveals my new project. Last Friday, my friend and I started doing the exercises of Writing the Wave – a creative writing guidebook by Elizabeth Ayres. I had bought the book about three years ago on the recommendation of my former creative writing teacher but hadn’t found the time or mental space to get started. However, now I’ve finally finished procrastinating.

On the weekend, I did another thing I had been planning to do for ages. I read Taivaslaulu by Pauliina Rauhala, which tripled my excitement and motivation to write myself. The beauty of the language and the depth of the story, the wisdom to address a difficult topic, and the lack of black and white simplification made the reading experience simply stunning. I wish I could create new worlds – and explore the existing ones – by words too.

This evening, I created a .doc file called ‘luova prosessi 1’ (in English ‘creative process 1’) and started typing. It’s such a wonderful freedom not having to worry about structure and matter-of-factness – things I’ve been focusing on for the last ten years. Now, there is finally space for the crazy process of creating something new that does not look nice and tidy on the way and of which outcome remains a mystery until arriving at the destination.


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