People in Geneva Part 7

Zuzia is a friend of mine, originally from Poland, but having lived abroad for more than a decade already: first New York, then Munich, and finally Geneva where she’s stayed with her husband for the past 5.5 years.

Zuzia’s ideas, energy and encouragement have been major drivers of this blog series, and I’m excited to have this steadfast woman finally featured here:

“I grew up being told that love is a decision. My parents always said that the word ‘divorce’ is not in their dictionary and that they had a choice to either be miserable or be happy together. And that is something that I’ve thought of often during the last years of my marriage: my happily ever after is composed of the little choices I and my husband make, it’s not something that’ll just magically happen. It’s a decision to love sacrificially—something that in no way comes easily to me, especially nowadays when I’m permanently tired thanks to our newborn. But I take strength in relying on God’s sacrificial love for me, and His call for me to love others in a patient, kind, selfless way. His love is the ultimate example of such love. It is the foundation that we want to continue building our house on.”







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