People in Geneva Part 8

Mariam is from Guinea-Bissau and has also lived in Cap Verde, Portugal and the UK before moving to Switzerland nearly two years ago.

Last Saturday, we went for a long walk along lake Léman and through the botanical garden, taking these pictures and talking about life in all its fullness. I left our meet-up feeling encouraged by her active listening skills and contagious trust in God.

Let’s now listen to Mariam and find out what she’s learned recently:

“When I came to Switzerland, I was just amazed by its natural beauty. I couldn’t help praising the author and creator of such a piece of art. In my home country I could not go on long walks on my own because it wasn’t safe. Therefore, just the ability to go on long walks and simply get inspired by the stunning landscape is in itself a privilege and a blessing that I don’t take for granted. I call these moments my quality time with God. It’s during these walks that I gain the right perspective on everything, and they have became an essential part of my routine. I recently had a thought that was eye-opening in how I relate to people which is this – I have nothing of my own. Everything I have I have received from God, and everything I receive I give, including love.”








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