Art and worldview: The Way or my way?

A couple of years ago, I got a chance to visit the Guggenheim art museum in Bilbao on the northern route of the Way of St. James (you can read my post on the journey here). Wearing a pair of unfashionable running shoes, I was walking on the corridors of the famous museum excitedly inhaling … Continue reading Art and worldview: The Way or my way?

The twisted standards of life

It's never the right time to genuinely consider Jesus – it seems. The idea struck me when I was listening to the radio while driving home from a COVID test on a Saturday morning in December. This is the logic: Children are dependent on their parents in all matters. Perhaps you’ve got a lot to … Continue reading The twisted standards of life

Learning through the harvest

At the beginning of the summer, we acquired a summer cottage in Finland. The covid situation and the recent political unrest in Ethiopia haven't allowed us to return there yet, but now at least we have a place of our own to stay while in Finland. In the midst of the uncertainty, our home has … Continue reading Learning through the harvest

After four months in the country

Four months ago, Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, became the new home for me, my husband and our then 10-month-old baby boy. We’ve spent our first months here in the city learning the Oromo language, after which the plan is to move to the countryside. Thankfully, we’ve been feeling this is the right place for us … Continue reading After four months in the country