People in Geneva Part 10

Tabitha is from the German speaking part of Switzerland (near Thun), but has lived in Geneva for almost eight years. She is one of the frankest persons I know with this exceptional flair of candidness. With regard to her quest after what's real, this is what she says she's been discovering recently: "Lately, I am … Continue reading People in Geneva Part 10

People in Geneva Part 9

Mary-Anne grew up in England and moved here with her husband around 4 years ago. She speaks excellent French, is amazingly hospitable and cooks utterly delicious meals (including dessert!). Here's what Mary-Anne would like to share with us about her experience in the past few years: "It's a strange feeling doing life in a different … Continue reading People in Geneva Part 9

People in Geneva Part 8

Mariam is from Guinea-Bissau and has also lived in Cap Verde, Portugal and the UK before moving to Switzerland nearly two years ago. Last Saturday, we went for a long walk along lake Léman and through the botanical garden, taking these pictures and talking about life in all its fullness. I left our meet-up feeling … Continue reading People in Geneva Part 8

People in Geneva Part 7

Zuzia is a friend of mine, originally from Poland, but having lived abroad for more than a decade already: first New York, then Munich, and finally Geneva where she's stayed with her husband for the past 5.5 years. Zuzia's ideas, energy and encouragement have been major drivers of this blog series, and I'm excited to … Continue reading People in Geneva Part 7

People in Geneva Part 6

هذا يوئيل Or in English, this is Joel. He's originally from Iowa, USA, and came here 1.5 years to do a PhD in international history - or more precisely, the history of Syria. He's an incredibly knowledgeable guy, and I'm always surprised by the depth and breadth of his insight when discussing with him. Here's … Continue reading People in Geneva Part 6

People in Geneva Part 5

Voilà, this is Sanja. She is Finnish and has lived here for about 3.5 years now. People often mix up our names or think we are sisters, not probably only because they think we look alike and speak the same strange language, but also because we often appear together. We met only twice before moving … Continue reading People in Geneva Part 5

People in Geneva Part 4

This is Vicky. She is originally from Peru and has lived here for 3.5 years. I've felt uplifted by her warmth since day one. She is now willing to share the following with you: "I always remind myself that every single action in my life should be done with love and kindness. Despite of living … Continue reading People in Geneva Part 4

People in Geneva Part 3

Laura, my Aussie friend from Sidney, has been in town for about 1.5 years. Here's something Laura has lately learned: "The only thing God really wants from us is for us to want Him.  I don't think that's asking too much. And He gave all of Himself to make it possible for us to come … Continue reading People in Geneva Part 3

People in Geneva Part 2

It's my pleasure to introduce to you Alina, my friend, who is from Finland too. Although we used to study the same subject in Helsinki, we only met here in Geneva, where she has now lived for more or less two years in total. In the course of the past few months, she has discovered … Continue reading People in Geneva Part 2

People in Geneva Part 1

As the first part of the People in Geneva series, I'll introduce to you my friend Rachel who is from Egypt and has lived here for 2.5 years now. This is something she has recently learned and would like to share with you here: "It's not a cliché or nonsense, but when God closes a … Continue reading People in Geneva Part 1