The twisted standards of life

It's never the right time to genuinely consider Jesus – it seems. The idea struck me when I was listening to the radio while driving home from a COVID test on a Saturday morning in December. This is the logic: Children are dependent on their parents in all matters. Perhaps you’ve got a lot to … Continue reading The twisted standards of life

Don’t fall

When I was small, I learned something about balance. In order to avoid falling down, one is supposed to fix their eyes on a constant, external spot that isn't moving. I'm still loving this piece of advice. It tells me how to keep in balance amidst the never ending change and unexpected turbulence of life. … Continue reading Don’t fall

Regardless of the stickers

Max Lucado's story You are special has spoken to me a lot since I discovered it recently. If you aren't familiar with it yet, you can watch it in the form of this eight-minute video. The story illustrates how we tend to evaluate each other (and ourselves) on the basis of performance, distributing each other … Continue reading Regardless of the stickers

Back to the forests and the trees

In my previous post, I promised to explain these pictures in which the text to be mindful of the meaning appears on the canvas as seemingly detached letters, syllables and words. As soon as you read the whole thing you discover that the letters, syllables and words actually form a sentence of which meaning goes … Continue reading Back to the forests and the trees