People in Geneva Part 9

Mary-Anne grew up in England and moved here with her husband around 4 years ago. She speaks excellent French, is amazingly hospitable and cooks utterly delicious meals (including dessert!).

Here’s what Mary-Anne would like to share with us about her experience in the past few years:

“It’s a strange feeling doing life in a different country. There are lots of joys like being so close to the Alps, meeting people from all over the world and eating ice cream by the lake on a balmy evening. At the same time, it sometimes brings things into the light that would otherwise remain unseen, below consciousness; feelings of uprootedness, a longing for home, a sense of exile and confusion can sneak up on you. It gives me a greater longing for that ‘better country – a heavenly one’ the Bible talks about where those who know and love God will enjoy Him forever. The foreignness of the present is a helpful pointer towards something even better to come.”








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